Macbeth Unhinged Filming

Actress Taylor Roberts as Lady Macbeth
photo by Tania Fernandez

Taylor Roberts will be starring as Lady Macbeth opposite Angus Macfadyen in his directorial debut of a new screen adaptation of William Shakespeare's Macbeth. This is a modern interpretation of the bard’s tragedy, set in the claustrophobic confines of a stretch limousine which prowls the streets of a contemporary landscape as its agoraphobic passengers struggle for existential meaning in a dog eat dog world where only the fit survive, and tragedy unfolds.

Macfadyen also plays the lead role, surrounding himself with a cast which includes Taylor Roberts as Lady Macbeth, Kevin McNally as the King, Harry Lennix as Banquo. Seth Numrich, Sam Roukin, Dan Henshall also star.

angus macfadyen
Angus Macfadyen directs and stars as Macbeth

Taylor Roberts as Lady Macbeth

Kevin McNally as King Duncan

Three Witches

Photo credits: Tania Fernandez

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