TURN Washington's Spies

Taylor Roberts plays the recurring role of Rachel Clark in AMC's new historical hour drama, TURN Washington's Spies. Watch Season One on demand, Netflix, or Amazon prime.

The LA.Times writes:

Now AMC, the fledgling powerhouse that branded itself with the moral ambiguity of "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad," and the bleak and ever-shifting convictions of "The Walking Dead," is entering the straight-up hero business. And not just any straight-up heroes, either; the original, the archetypal, the American classic: The heroes of the Revolutionary War.

"Turn," which premieres Sunday, refers to the politics and plight of historic figure Abe Woodhull (here played by "Billy Elliot's" now-grown Jamie Bell), a mild-mannered cabbage farmer who finds himself at the center of this nation's first spy ring. But the one-word title could also refer to AMC's sudden shift away from the mostly postmodern stories that marked its initial programming.

"Turn" is not a deeply etched psychological portrait of man struggling with identity and inner demons. It's a good old-fashioned historical action drama in which the bad guys are clearly marked — they're wearing red! — and the stakes are as high as they get (life, liberty, etc.).

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