Porphyrogene Does Summer

Summer has begun and Taylor has wonderful new products available at Porphyrogene.

“She would be half a planet away, 
floating in a turquoise sea, 
dancing by moonlight to flamenco guitar.” -Janet Fitch

BLUE JEAN BABY Perfume Oil by Porphyrogene

Hot, salty Ocean Air, warm Star Jasmine, and sultry Mandarin Nectar capture sexy summer notes in a bottle with this wonderfully all-american Blue Jean Baby perfume oil. Housed in certified organic Sunflower Oil, this gentle, nostalgic perfume will send you off to Catalina Island with one little dab. 

Find Blue Jean Baby here.

"This beauty brand has serious potential."
-Courtney Leiva, Love Twenty Magazine

Porphyrogene was also recently featured in Shecky's Online Magazine in their Makeover Manual section. The article highlights aquatic based skincare and lists Porphyrogene as the brand to try!

Read more about the feature here.

Check out the store at www.porphyrogene.com and follow along on twitter @Porphyrogene

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