Where to Buy Bombshell Bohemia

"Rich with images that should feel obscure, but somehow don’t. Instead, they feel like the unraveling of a debutante; a beautiful girl with too many secrets tearing a beautiful dress to shreds.” 

 -Jeremy Radin, Writebloody Author and host of Lightbulbmouth Radio Hour 

 "Roberts’ first collection of poems is a short book that really packs a punch. From 'Algonquian Labrodorite' to the 'milk in the azure light' the imagery is all at once immediate and out of the past. 

 -Indie "It" List

“Bombshell Bohemia started years ago in a journal in my back-pocket as I wandered the streets of New York City, a wide-eyed girl from Texas and North Carolina. My exposure to poetry grew from studying Shakespeare at theatre conservatory. Soon I had T.S. Eliot quotes stuck all over my walls. I would read Pablo Neruda on the subway on the way to audition for sitcoms.” -Taylor Roberts

With Bombshell Bohemia: Poetry from the Underground,actress and poet Taylor Roberts takes a gothic leap into the emotional underworld of a modern muse. From the gritty underbelly of the lower east side of Manhattan to the woodsy imagery of California, this short collection of poems juxtaposes beauty and grief, love and loss, the bombshell and bohemia. 

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